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Good on you! Waxing for men is NOTHING like shaving and once you've waxed, you'll never go back.

Weather its your shaft, sac, crack or butt you want to wax, check out the facts and then read comments from guys who wax HERE

If your questions are not answered, email us and we'll sort it for you. Cheers!

What's better, a Brazilian or a Hollywood wax?
There is no 'better'. It all depends what hair you want to be without. It is a personal preference.
What is a Hollywood?
The complete removal of all pubic hair, including hair from your crack.
What is a BSC?
Back, sac and crack.... This is what most men have waxed. It includes removing the hair from the tops of the shoulders, the back and a Brazilian.
What is a Brazilian?
The hair from your shaft, the scrotum and as much of your pubes as you want, are removed.
What is a Colombian?
Same as for the Brazilian, but all the pubic hair is removed as well. Some men strip to the "speedo line" while others go to the naval. Still others go up to under the chest to get rid of the 'garden path'.
Terms mean different things in different countries and can vary from therapist to therapist. It is safest to explain what you want done and let the therapist put a name to it. Never assume therapists knows what you want done. Always tell them unless you want an opinion in which case you must ask them to suggest something. Check our Waxing Styles page.
Does it hurt?
Yeah, it hurts! But we've covered that under "Pain" on the What 2 Expect page. Go there...Cheers!
Do I have to take my clothes off?
Yeah! Unless you want wax all over your clothes. But like you can keep your T on if you only do your shaft and crack.
What if I get a woody?
(Erection/Fat ... for those who don't know)
So what?

Look, therapists are professionals. They are not there to play with it but to remove the hair from it. It's actually good if you do (get a woody) because the skin is tighter and it hurts less... plus the endorphins..... Ok, you get the picture... So chill!

Seriously... during the waxing procedure, the therapist constantly pulls the skin tight in the area that is worked on, before pulling wax or waxing strips off. This ensures the follicles are close to the skin. If the skin is loose, it might tear. That is why you need a PROFESSIONAL to do those sensitive areas. If you are not happy with the way they do things, stop them and walk away. You're the client and it's your body.
Must I shave first?
Not for at least 3 weeks before your wax. Your therapist needs a minimum of 5mm of hair for the wax to adhere to.
Does the hair grow back?
Yes, but you will be really smooth and sexy for at least the first 2 weeks. Remember that waxing removes all the hair. So everything that grows back, is NEW and therefore soft and for quite a while it feels like you are smooth.

Hair give up and stop growing only after about 4-5 years of continuous waxing.
How often do I have to wax?
The most regular intervals are 4-6 weeks. If you think you're gonna be clever and wait 6 months and then go again because it will be "better"..... Clever yeah! It will be like the first time.... Promise.
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